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ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Conference and Awards - edition 2021

SAVE-THE-DATE: We look forward to meeting you in Ghent!

The first ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Conference will be hosted by Ghent University on November 18th and 19th, 2021. The conference theme is Learning from and with each other – peer learning across all levels of the university.The theme of peer learning refers to the educational method used in courses and programmes and to learning from each other during and after the conference.

A good blend of inspiring keynotes and activating workshops and seminars focusing on the innovative educational goals and concepts of ENLIGHT such as ‘Challenge-based Education’, ‘Global Engagement’ and ‘Multilingualism’, will provide you as a participant with insights into effective educational practices in all ENLIGHT institutions. The conference will also host the first ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Award 2021.

Sharing good-practices from the classroom level as well as the institutional level, along with strengthening the network will be the key ingredients of the on-campus event. Some of the programme elements will be available online for those of you who can’t join us at the venue.

Call for Proposals - deadline 6/8/2021 

We invite teachers, students, educational developers and administrative staff from within the ENLIGHT universities to share their experiences and ideas on how it is possible to connect the ENLIGHT educational goals and concepts with teaching and learning practice. 

More information: coming soon

Submit a proposal:

Call for Reviewers -  deadline 6/8/2021

The ENLIGHT network prioritizes collaboration and learning from and with each other. The ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Conference will be organized and conducted with these principles in mind and therefore warmly invite you to support the conference as peer reviewer!

More information: coming soon

Become a reviewer: send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Conference Programme and Call for Registration

The conference programme as well as the call for registration for the conference will published in September 2021.

Teaching and Learning Awards

The ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Conference at University of Ghent on November 18th and 19th, 2021 will be the setting for the first ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Award

The ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Award recognizes a course or programme which has implemented innovative, international pedagogical approaches and/or learning practices related to specific ENLIGHT educational aims. The criteria for this year’s award are:

  • The use of activating teaching methods related to specific ENLIGHT educational aims(for instance: challenge-based or problem-based education)
  • The use of peer learning
  • The use of feedback

Each ENLIGHT university will submit one nominee for the award. The nominees are technically ''courses'' rather than individuals so an entire teaching team of one course, for example, could be nominated. The eventual winner will be known as “ENLIGHT's Course (or programme) of the Year'', with two runners-up honored as well.


Institutional coordinators:

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