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4th Göttingen Call for ENLIGHT Mobilities and Projects in 2022

In order to support joint activities between the nine ENLIGHT universities in the area of education and research, the University of Göttingen will fund virtual exchange and mobility schemes, as well as the organisation of international workshops and learning formats.

ENLIGHT recognises that faculty, staff, and students need an environment in which they are respected and valued for their contributions to be able to work and study effectively. This applies irrespective of their age, (dis)ability, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, ethnic origin, religion, and belief, gender identity and sexual orientation. Furthermore, ENLIGHT is committed to helping faculty, staff, and students to balance the multiple responsibilities associated with work, academic, and personal life.

Furthermore, ENLIGHT encourages to implement green mobility solutions to reduce the adverse climate effects of raised mobility levels in the short-term and serve as a model for substantially lowering emissions in mobility and living.

All activities will be funded with support of the DAAD, BMBF and Erasmus+-programme. Please note that only researchers, staff members and PhD students from the University of Göttingen (incl. University Medical Center Göttingen) can apply.

Deadline for application and application form: please see each funding scheme.

You can apply for the following funding schemes: