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Call for Papers: Multidisciplinary conference on the economic relations and embedded cultural perspectives between the EU and Japan (Tartu)

The conference focuses on the economic relations and the role of culture between the EU and Japan. It aims to celebrate the 100 years of communication and relations with Estonia, and to discuss future perspectives of the economic relations between the aforementioned counterparts, while specifically concentrating on the importance of culture and communication in the international business in promoting the economic relations.

The event is organized by University of Tartu and Estonian Business School (October 14-15, 2021).

Cultural factors and experiences play an important role in expanding the relations and marketing one´s own products on the target markets. Interest in entering to the Japanese market is growing steadily in Europe, although the trade relations are often considered as challenging because of the specific legal requirements and other issues. The conference organizers invite PhD and MA students to send abstracts addressing all the relevant themes, especially:
• European/Estonian trade and business relations with Japan
• Organizational governance/ organizational culture in Japan
• Marketing in Japan and the EU trade with East Asia
• Role of culture in marketing and economic cooperation between the EU and Japan
• Understanding the Japanese culture and mindset in mutual relations
The abstracts should be at least 300 words but not exceeding 500 words, in English, and submitted by September 30, 2021, via main organizer email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Authors whose abstracts are approved have the possibility to present their work. The presentation should be up to 20 minutes and each presenter receives feedback from the organizers and other participants.

The organizers will provide certificates of attendance to those who participate the full programme, and is also seeking an opportunity to publish selected research papers based on the presented paper at the conference in a special edition of the peer reviewed journal. The organizers plan to provide the opportunity to participate at the conference both via online and face-to-face.
For further information please refer to the web page:

Registration deadline is October 5, 2021.

Register here.


The event is organized in cooperation between University of Tartu Asia Centre, School of Economics
and Business Administration, Graduate School of Cultural Studies and Arts, and Estonian Business
School. The event is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (University of Tartu ASTRA
Project PER ASPERA).


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