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Call for initiatives

Ghent University intends to support joint cooperation activities in education and research between Ghent University and two or more of the eight other ENLIGHT universities.

In the framework of this call, Ghent University intends to support initiatives for developing new learning formats and mobility schemes (Ba, Ma and PhD), in accordance with the educational mission of ENLIGHT to innovate and to create more integrated learning opportunities across the network.


Only staff members from Ghent University can apply.
The call is open to proposals from any disciplinary field. Proposals must contribute to the educational mission of ENLIGHT, and hence contain one of the following dimensions:

  1. Development of new mobility schemes, such as teacher exchange schemes, internationalisation @ home, short-term mobility, summer/winter schools, mobility windows, joint programmes;
  2. Development of new/innovative learning formats, course design, activated learning, blended teaching and learning activities, and/or development of innovative teaching and learning practices;
  3. Specific measures for realizing inclusive mobility, green mobility, flexible learning paths, and/or structural embedding of mobility in the curricula.

The present call is targeted at the development stage of joint activities, i.e. the initiation, design and/or development of teaching and learning activities. The implementation of activities resulting from the call, and related organisational costs and mobility of staff and students are eligible under Erasmus+ Key Action 1 (incl. short-term mobilities) and will not be covered in the framework of the present call.

The integration of a minimum of three ENLIGHT partners in the proposal is required. Activity cycles, previously running within the U4Society network, are advised to extend their initiative to the wider consortium and to include min. two ENLIGHT partners formerly not involved in U4Society.

A financial commitment (co-funding) of the other ENLIGHT partners is required (share in organizational costs or mobility). As a general rule for joint ENLIGHT activities the ‘sending’ university accounts for the funding of travel and accommodation of the own outgoing staff and students, the host university accounts for any organizational costs of the activity applied for.


The call is open on a permanent basis until the end of the ENLIGHT project phase (November 2023). Evaluations of proposals will be done 4 times a year: 15/03, 15/06, 15/09 and 15/12.

Activity schemes

You can apply for the following activity/funding schemes

A max. funding of 2500 EUR can be applied for. Eligible costs include the organisational costs (venue, catering,.. in Ghent) and mobility costs of UGent staff and students (travel and subsistence). Funding is based on proven expenditures. 


The selection of proposals will be based on following criteria:

  • Accordance with the overall ENLIGHT objectives
  • Feasibility
  • Innovative character
  • U4S initiatives: upscaling to ENLIGHT partners
  • Sustainability

The selection commission will consist of the director of education, the director of internationalisation, the executive secretary of ENLIGHT, the head of IRO, the ENLIGHT Ghent WP coordinators, and the cluster chairs/contacts.

How to apply?

Applications are made on the basis of the designated form and sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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