#6 Impact Assessment

We will develop and adopt and ENLIGHT Impact Assessment Toolkit that allows each participating university and the ENLIGHT alliance as a whole to assess the impact we generate and to design and implement a ‘model of good practice’ of impact-directed management, transferable to the European HE system. Specifically, we will:

Establish an ENLIGHT IMPACT TASKFORCE that has the responsibility to develop the ENLIGHT impact assessment methodology and tools, and to propose and monitor pilot cases, with 3 different interrelated targets:
Impact on each partner university, especially on students/learners as main beneficiaries of ENLIGHT;
Impact on the local socio-economic environment of each university;
Longer-term impact on the European HE system, and on society (equitable quality of life, sustainability)

→ Develop methodology and tools for HE impact assessment:
An expert core group will work on collecting practices and generating a replicable methodology for impact assessment (including mapping and prioritization of stakeholders)

Define and implement pilot cases and generate a first global impact assessment of ENLIGHT:
The pilot cases will be focused on initiatives developed in WP2-5, collecting qualitative and quantitative data
After refining the methodology a first ENLIGHT Impact Mapping Assessment will be generated, including a plan to adapt and (re)mediate our actions so that they are more impactful for learners and society at large

→ Disseminate, contrast, and evaluate the initial methodology and tools among ENLIGHT experts, ENLIGHT communities, external specialists, other HEIs:
Organize an ENLIGHT Conference on HEI Impact Assessment;
Help improve the final methodology;
Take action to transfer this model of HE impact assessment to other settings within Europe and beyond

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