#5 Global Outreach Tools

ENLIGHT emerges from a network of European regional university-centred hubs connecting students, researchers and staff with regional stakeholders. Within ENLIGHT, each partner university will serve as a gateway out and into its region. Our goal is to establish an efficient partnership structure with stakeholders in our socio-economic environment and with strategic European and non-European partners to maximise our global impact. In this multi-axis network, we will work together to determine priorities in education, research, and innovation. Under this action we will:

→ Engage relevant non-HEI partners within our socioeconomic environment (local governments, industries, research centres, civil society organizations, and NGOs) and:
› Build an innovative partnership model with the local community based on co-creation and shared value as part of the ENLIGHT REGIONAL ACADEMIES, meeting twice a year, including regional Demo-days once a year to showcase the work to a broader public and enhance participation of citizens;
REGIONAL ACADEMIES will give local input to the THINK-TANK Core Groups for designing the learning formats through identifying actual local challenges and defining the complex dynamics behind the challenges as well as their trans-disciplinarity

→ From local to global: expand our outreach activities in Europe, beyond our regional socio-economic environment, and outside Europe
Organize ENLIGHT EUROPEAN DIALOGUES, gathering the ENLIGHT REGIONAL ACADEMIES and the THINK TANK in the first place, and further establishing a dialogue with other key stakeholders across Europe (cities, regions, NGO’s, industry, other European Universities, networks);
Within the EUROPEAN DIALOGUES reflect upon achievements and impact of ENLIGHT research–driven activities across the flagship domains, disseminate and potentially transfer solutions to other regions of Europe, learn from other approaches, identify new emerging challenges, and define policy recommendations;
Organize ENLIGHT GLOBAL DIALOGUES in key regi ons outside Europe (e.g. Subsaharan Africa, South/ East Asia) through student-driven and student-centered conferences;
Within the GLOBAL DIALOGUES, have mixed and interdisciplinary student teams work together on a problem focused on the flagship challenges in a global perspective, and produce solutions, as well as recommendations;
Issue ENLIGHT GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP AWARDS to the most innovative global dialogue student teams.

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