#4 Innovative Tools

We will develop the structural and technical framework for inclusive, seamless and green mobility, and provide the tools for flexible learning, focusing in priority on the five key challenges. Under this action, we will:

→ Boost and diversify mobility at all levels of the institution:
Increase international learning by establishing and expanding a catalogue of flexible mobility schemes, promoted along a STEPPING STONE PATHWAY, ranging from lowthreshold intercultural internationalisation at home (physical/virtual teacher exchange), through short-term mobility (flagship programmes), towards semester exchanges and eventually joint degree mobility;
Design the ENLIGHT Competence Framework, which will define the desired components and learning outcomes of the ENLIGHTable curricula and the modalities for obtaining ENLIGHT credits towards an ENLIGHT portfolio certification (linked to a diploma supplement), and eventually an ENLIGHT degree;
Widen mobility access for underrepresented groups, who currentlydo not consider a mobility as an option within their studies (due to disabilities, less favorable socioeconomic backgrounds, familial responsibilities, etc.) by enhanced dissemination and guidance on mobility offers and tailored solutions;
Develop GREEN MOBILITY SCHEMES, aiming to keep emissions low, in the short-term as climate-neutral, in the long-term by establishing models to substantially lower emissions in HEI;

→ Set up an ENLIGHT INTER-CONNECTED DIGITAL CAMPUS by developing connections and exchange between existing infrastructures and educational technologies (student administrative systems, academic services, digital learning environments, recognition procedures, research infrastructure catalogues):
Conduct a process review and standardization, accounting for legal and programmatic constraints;
Develop a common data exchange layer (DXL) to allow for a secure exchange of available data;
Create new interfaces via the ENLIGHT WEBSITE. The latter will host ENLIGHT interactive platforms and serve as the most important medium of public relations in connection with social media.

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