#3 Broader Competencies

To address our flagship challenges on a global scale and make ENLIGHT students highly attractive for employers, we will foster intercultural skills and global citizenship values and promote inclusive leadership. The global labour market needs adaptive change-agents from diverse backgrounds, skilled in critical thinking, communication and social perspectives. Under this action, we will:

Promote global citizenship values and offer training in global engagement, an unmet need across Europe:
Launch an ENLIGHT GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT module to empower students with academic knowledge to address challenges from different perspectives and global citizenship skills to apply what they have learned in their local and in a global context – the module will follow the principles of Global Citizenship Education.

→ Establish teaching & learning cycles and conferences for enhancing the ability of academic teachers and administrative staff to transfer generic competences to learners, along three thematic lines:
Multilingualism: set up an ENLIGHT MULTILINGUALISM NETWORK, integrate foreign language study in flexible learning paths; initiate research about effects and impact of multilingualism.
European identity and diversity: map & disseminate course offer in European history, studies and cultures; map initiatives for gender equality and diversity and exchange best practice; develop learning materials.
Leadership and entrepreneurship: develop a Young Leadership cycle oriented towards inclusive leadership; promote entrepreneurship through coaching material, a map of internship possibilities across ENLIGHT regions, a
supportive structure for business ideas.

Launch the ENLIGHT teacher education network, training future teachers as multiplicators of European values:
Initiate an ENLIGHT Teacher Education exchange programme;
Initiate pilot research projects in educational science turned towards inclusiveness and global citizenship.

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