#2 Knowlegde Creation

We expect that ENLIGHT will have a major structuring impact on all partner universities, and a systemic impact on our socio-economic environments. (i) We will develop and scale up international research-driven and challenge-based learning and teaching, prioritizing our 5 flagship topics. (ii) We will scale up innovative methodology and challenge-based approaches that transform the way we address sustainability challenges. Under this action, we will:

Establish the ENLIGHT THINK TANK bringing together the key experts, resources and state of the art research experience and practice:
Map and connect existing learning opportunities across the 9 universities, as well as research & innovation projects that are relevant for the 5 flagship domains to feed the teaching and training offer;
Define the specificities of each challenge to develop new methodologies and approaches for challenge-driven education which are relevant to the field; Experiment new joint learning initiatives with three pilots for each of the 5 flagship challenges, led by a Core-Group of three ENLIGHT universities;
Embody the connection between the nine ENLIGHT Regional Academies (ACTION 5).

Challenge-based ENLIGHT Living Lab workshops will be organised in ENLIGHT Regional Academies, bringing together interdisciplinary groups of students, academics, governments, citizens, businesses (ACTION 5);
The ENLIGHT Living Labs will engage undergraduate, master & PhD students to work in close interaction with local public and private stakeholders to develop sustainable solutions around one of the flagship challenges;

Each of the ENLIGHT Think Tank Core-Groups will design and test one pilot for a problem-based ENLIGHT Flagship Short-Programme, devised on the summer school model (3 interations in pilot phase);

Create a Network-wide European doctoral community, the ENLIGHT DOCTORAL NETWORK:
A common offer of interdisciplinary, collaborative doctoral seminars linked to the 5 flagship challenges;
As part of the ENLIGHT Competence framework a specific ENLIGHT doctoral label will be set up.

Embed and transfer learning formats:
Embed the ENLIGHT Living Labs, Short-Programmes, and online resources into the ENLIGHT competence framework for ENLIGHTable curricula;
Develop 1 ENLIGHT JOINT DEGREE per flagship domain on the basis of commonly agreed learning outcomes;
Develop guidelines for transferring the educational formats into curricula in other domains of challenge;
Valorise the shared transnational research expertise and capacity into new mission-oriented research and innovation synergies and projects that match the European research agenda and propose SEED FUNDING.

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