#1 A Common Quality Approach

We will develop a common Quality Approach enabling certification of ENLIGHT courses and degrees and automatic recognition of study periods across ENLIGHT as the basis of a European University System. Under this action, we will:

Provide automated QA reports to inform ENLIGHT governance and adopt adjustive measures if required;
Apply the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) methodology as a basis for a joint quality approach;
Conduct surveys and semi-structured interviews among contributors, stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Develop a common ENLIGHT QUALITY APPROACH, to ensure comparable quality, mutually accepted institutional practices and similar degree and learning path value for all nine partner universities:
Develop a roadmap towards a joint ENLIGHT Quality Approach (analysis of the existing, development of common principles, shifting to an overarching quality approach leveraging experience from EUniQ1);
Set up an ENLIGHT certification system for individual courses/modules based on clear descriptions of the learning outcomes and on technical standards of the European student card initiative.

Establish the basis for an ENLIGHT UNIVERSITY SYSTEM:
Choose the scenario to be implemented by the ENLIGHT Governing Board after consultation of the individual university governance boards
Develop a framework agreement describing the future ENLIGHT structure and implementation stages to be approved by the individual governance boards

1 EUniQ, the Erasmus+ KA3-project Developing a European Approach for Comprehensive QA of (European) University Networks coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Training, Belgium/Flemish Community

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