We will bring together our complementary expertise to address the five flagship challenges in our local environments and globally. We will establish joint research-based teaching curricula, and launch innovative mobility schemes and initiatives to empower our students and staff for global engagement. In the first three years ENLIGHT will pilot six concrete actions:

#1 A Common Quality Approach

We will develop a common Quality Approach enabling certification of ENLIGHT courses and degrees and automatic recognition of study periods across ENLIGHT as the basis of a European University System. Under this action, we will:

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#2 Knowlegde Creation

We expect that ENLIGHT will have a major structuring impact on all partner universities, and a systemic impact on our socio-economic environments. (i) We will develop and scale up international research-driven and challenge-based learning and teaching, prioritizing our 5 flagship topics. (ii) We will scale up innovative methodology and challenge-based approaches that transform the way we address sustainability challenges. Under this action, we will:

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#3 Broader Competencies

To address our flagship challenges on a global scale and make ENLIGHT students highly attractive for employers, we will foster intercultural skills and global citizenship values and promote inclusive leadership. The global labour market needs adaptive change-agents from diverse backgrounds, skilled in critical thinking, communication and social perspectives. Under this action, we will:

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#4 Innovative Tools

We will develop the structural and technical framework for inclusive, seamless and green mobility, and provide the tools for flexible learning, focusing in priority on the five key challenges. Under this action, we will:

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#5 Global Outreach Tools

ENLIGHT emerges from a network of European regional university-centred hubs connecting students, researchers and staff with regional stakeholders. Within ENLIGHT, each partner university will serve as a gateway out and into its region. Our goal is to establish an efficient partnership structure with stakeholders in our socio-economic environment and with strategic European and non-European partners to maximise our global impact. In this multi-axis network, we will work together to determine priorities in education, research, and innovation. Under this action we will:

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#6 Impact Assessment

We will develop and adopt and ENLIGHT Impact Assessment Toolkit that allows each participating university and the ENLIGHT alliance as a whole to assess the impact we generate and to design and implement a ‘model of good practice’ of impact-directed management, transferable to the European HE system. Specifically, we will:

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