ENLIGHT courses

The course aims to prepare student teachers to address challenges related to global citizenship in their future classroom.
13 - 31 March 2023 (3 days)

Afterphase: 29 May 2023 (portfolio)
On-site week Ghent: 24 - 28 April 2022, Intensive programme

Do you have a pioneering spirit? Then embark on one of the new Global Engagement modules developed by ENLIGHT. Take part in this pioneering adventure, coming up in Spring 2023!
Spring 2023 (TBC)

This virtual exchange offers students a possibility to strengthen their intercultural academic writing competencies. Students from at least three different universities and study programmes will work in a challenge-based teaching and learning environment, will form intercultural collaborative working and writing…
26 October 2022 - 19 January 2023
Virtual course

Future teachers exchange ideas and experiences through interactive methods and guided discussions on the topic of intercultural competence at school
October 2022 (online)
Onsite week Göttingen: 24-29 November 2022

Intensive Programme

The Academic Democracy LivingLab addresses the participation of students in European academic life and involves them in a process of designing and producing an educational resource on academic democracy.
TBC: 2022-2023
Living Lab: virtual + reunion week in the 2nd semester

With three workshops and various lectures from local and invited researchers we want to offer a space for scholars and students to exchange and create knowledge relating to the complex region of the Mediterranean. A special focus is set on…
29 August - 2 September 2022
Summer school, Göttingen

The EU increasingly works with missions for the large societal goals we want to achieve. The Circular Economy Package consists of an EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy that establishes a concrete and ambitious programme of action, with measures…
Autumn 2022
Onsite week Bordeaux: 17 - 21 October 2022

Intensive programme

Do you think equal does not always mean equal? Or, to put it differently, that treating people the same can be a source of injustice? This is where the concept of equity comes in, meaning that people get what they…
12 September - 16 December 2022
Onsite week Bratislava: 12 - 16 September 2022

Intensive programme

The course provides knowledge on innovative processes and innovative thinking as a tool to solve need-based problems in interdisciplinary teams. With practical applications of "serious games", the focus is on creating solutions that can promote changes in health care and…
1-19 August 2022
Onsite Uppsala: 8-19 August 2022

This class will prepare you with social science theories on climate change, key concepts of climate science and policy as well as qualitative methodological training for data collection and analysis..
19 April - 17 June 2022
Onsite week Göttingen: 13 - 17 June 2022

Intensive programme

AI for non-IT students is open for MA students of ENLIGHT other than students in IT. The course offers an introduction to the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, its history, development, and contemporary use in our everyday…
21 February - 17 April 2022
Onsite week Tartu: 25 - 29 April 2022

Intensive programme

The workshop teaches foundational data skills needed to conduct research in social sciences. The course is mainly aimed at graduate students and young career researchers. 
06 - 10 December 2021


The seminar focuses on environmental economics in a globalized context within the framework of sustainable development. For this purpose, the seminar will cover different topics, starting from the sustainable development concept. The seminar will also explore, from an economic perspective,…
4 - 5 February 2022


Educational Change in Times of Rapid Technological Innovation is an intensive online course designed to provide an opportunity for learners to examine the development of technology-enhanced teaching and learning. Furthermore, stimulate conversations to re-imagine teaching as well as learning in…
1 November - 3 December 2021

Intensive programme

This course aims to help students develop their intercultural communication and collaboration skills.
28 February - 8 April 2022


Digital course for bachelor students from all disciplines discussing the digitalization of food supply chains and simulation methods to understand challenges in global supply chain management and sustainability issues.
12 October, 15 November, 20 December 2021


In this course you will learn about the use of Deep Learning methods in forestry
Part I: 21-22 October 2021

Part II:16-18 March 2022

The interactive online 5-day winter school will focus on human rights, equity and equal treatment through case studies, practitioners’ experiences, and researchers’ studies.
15-19 November 2021

Winter school

Do you have a pioneering spirit? Then embark on the first pilot edition of a new European programme to boost your global engagement!
Semester 2, online: 14 March - 13 May 2022; on site part (Ghent, Göttingen, Groningen) 23-30 April 2022.

In this course we want to hand the building blocks necessary to consider a complex problem, such as a climate neutral city, and to provide a defined contribution.
Starts: 17/02/2022; On campus week in Ghent: April 4-8, 2022
    • Climate Change
    • Digitalisation
    • Energy and Circular Economy
    • Equity
    • Global Engagement
    • Health and Well-being
    • other area
    • (joint) degree programme
    • course
    • exchange window
    • intensive programme
    • living lab
    • summer school
    • webinar
    • winter school
    • Blended
    • Physical
    • Virtual
    • Comenius University Bratislava
    • Ghent University
    • National University of Ireland Galway
    • University of Bordeaux
    • University of Groningen
    • University of Göttingen
    • University of Tartu
    • University of the Basque Country
    • Uppsala University
    • other