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Flagship Domains

Health challenges and opportunities

Key themes: Aging population, brain and mental health, impact of environmental exposures, inequalities in healthcare access, opportunities for future cities through precision medicine and public health.

The role of AI in shaping sustainable cities and communities

Key themes: Digital simulation to support decision-making, AI for good concept, AI and health, AI and sustainable society.

Impact of climate change on regional ecosystems

Key themes: Climate change and land use, climate change and urban development, climate-friendly materials, sustainable housing, relationships between cities and surrounding rural areas, impact of climate change on socio-ecosystems.

Energy and circular economy

Key themes: Energy conversion and transition, energy-sparing materials, technology for urban resource recovery, water and waste.

Inequalities, socio-spatial polarization, and diversity

Key themes: Urban development in marginalized areas, housing crisis, polarized societies, gender mainstreaming, access and equity in future cities for long-term sustainability and resilience, sustainable heritage, migrations and refugees, impact of migratory flow on public services.

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ENLIGHT Interdisciplinary Proposal-Writing Workshop Equity and Sustainability (Tartu, 14-18 Febr 2022)

The workshop provides a platform for cross-disciplinary collaboration for the researchers and PhD students of ENLIGHT network universities. The participants are invited to collectively look for solutions to the challenges indicated by the  anchor topic “Equity and Sustainability".
During the event, five labs will be formed, each comprised of two senior researchers and up to seven PhD students. Together, each group will produce a preliminary short draft of an interdisciplinary research proposal, which will require coming up with a common topic, working packages, deliverables, and other conventional elements of a research application (the detailed plan will be provided). The participants of different labs will engage in common events to discuss emerging difficulties and challenges; they will also be advised by professional project coordinators. At the end of the event, the labs will present their project proposals to the others, which will be followed by a general discussion.  
Eligibility for participation 
PhD students of ENLIGHT network universities were invited to participate in one of the labs, based on the themes preliminarily indicated at the registration. The labs will be coached by the researchers from different ENLIGHT universities. We encouraged equal participation of both researchers and PhD students, thereby providing hands-on project writing experience in an interdisciplinary team.  
The accommodation and travel costs of the researchers and PhD students of ENLIGHT universities are covered by their home university. Please contact the ENLIGHT coordinator of your university for further details. 
The language of the event is English. The workshop will take place online. Upon full participation in the study programme students will be awarded with ECTS credits.
The full programme is available (for registered participants only)
Event coordinator: Anastasiya Astapova (University of Tartu), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional information about the event, the list of the labs and of the researchers leading them are available on the website:


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