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Joint digital services

ENLIGHT RISE views Open Education, Open Science and their associated genuine engagement processes as key enablers to carry out the ENLIGHT R&I agenda, together with the surrounding ecosystems of the 9 participating universities. We seek to increase society’s trust in science and improve the quality of science for society by mainstreaming Open Science (OS), developing common approaches for assessing Open Science efforts of research and rewarding them (OS Ambassadors, Prizes) and for training researchers to engage with the public.

ENLIGHT endorses an open by default approach to learning materials and formats. In line with that, ENLIGHT RISE seeks to strengthen and mainstream Open Science practices in ENLIGH. Thereby, we support the open access, open source culture and participates in the Open Research Data Pilot. We will stick to the EU approach for open data: FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) and associated guidelines, i.e. data should be “as open as possible and as closed as necessary”, “open” in order to foster the reusability and to accelerate research, but at the same time they should be “closed” to safeguard the privacy of individuals.

Open Science Ambassadors: Coming soon!

ENLIGHT Open science policy documents: Coming soon!