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It is important for ENLIGHT RISE to nurture its human capital as it is a key foundation for a competitive joint R&I agenda. To this end we are developing a supportive structure for talent development and career guidance.

Recent statistics from the European Commission show that while gender equality has nearly been reached in PhD graduates (48% women), only 24% of top positions in higher education institutions are occupied by women. Moreover, the situation of women in academia has been recently aggravated by the coronavirus crisis, especially for early career researchers. An ENLIGHT training programme will offer sessions dedicated to the specific needs of high-potential early career women researchers.

Moreover, in order to achieve greater equality within out network, we will produce evidence-based policy recommendations to modernize and innovate researcher assessment systems, to better reward diverse and engaged career paths, including with respect to international mobility and engagement.

ENLIGHT training programme for high-potential early career women researchers: Coming Soon!

Networking and Mentoring Events in the ENLIGHT Early Career Researcher Network:: Coming Soon!

ENLIGHT Early Career Academic Leadership Programme: Coming Soon!