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Identity and contested memory construction of migrant/diasporic communities in the Mediterranean

Uni-Goettingen is looking for ENLIGHT teaching staff to join the 2022 summer school around the Global Challenge 'Equity', which will be based on the interdisciplinary master’s program 'Cultures and Languages of the Mediterranean'.

The interdisciplinary master’s program "Cultures and Languages of the Mediterranean" will be the basis of our ENLIGHT initiative for the Global Challenge 'Equity', a summer school in 2022. We merge different methodological approaches and epistemic interests to one multifaceted research mission concerning the inherently complex region of the Mediterranean, crucially including the regions of Northern Africa and the Middle East.

The Mediterranean Sea is at the center of a wide range of manifold sociocultural and linguistic microcosms that have been dynamically evolving, the ocean being the platform where contact, connection and confrontation has taken place. New challenges develop and what is needed are inclusive, well-thought-out solutions to ensure equal access, e.g. to political decision-making processes and human rights enforcement. Our aim is to address the current dimensions of inequity in the Mediterranean focusing on research in the spheres of urban vs. rural social realities, such as linguistic and cultural expressions, unequal laws for women in religiously based/influenced legal systems, and people moving – migration and intercultural contact as a timeless phenomenon.

  • Activity: summer/winter school
  • Disciplinary field: Sociology, Cultural and Social Anthropology, Law, Political science, Language and Literary Studies, and Area Studies
  • Institution: University of Göttingen
  • Faculty/Department: Faculty of Philosophy of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
  • First and last name: Caroline Bacciu
  • Position: Research associate and coordinator of master's program "Cultures and Languages of the Mediterranean"
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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