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Diversity Webinars

Diversity has become a reality in Europe, although this has still not been accepted by a large part of the population. In addition, there are elements like decolonisation, Black Lives Matter, globalisation and the threat extreme right and populism pose to democracies all over the world.

All of these developments are taking place right now. This is why we believe in the relevance of creating platforms to foster discussions and exchange information on these issues. 

We propose to organise - a series of - public webinars on 'Discussing diversity' in terms of ethnicity, skin colour or culture, addressing topics such as stereotypes, representation and decolonisation.

The webinars are open to students/academics and non-academic stakeholders. Specific objectives vav other ENLIGHT partners: 1. Raising awareness & reaching out 2. Sharing good practices 3. Informing local policy plans (University and City/Region?)

Stakeholders to be involved: U4/ENLIGHT partners Academic staff at our universities Students at our universities Citizens in our cities-regions At some point: African partners International students and staff


    Pratical Details

    Activity: other
    if "other": This is a webinar series for which we are looking for other interested ENLIGHT partners
    Disciplinary field: Internationalisation & Diversity Studies
    Funding programme: ENLIGHT and local universities
    Deadline: Thursday, 01 April 2021
    Institution: Ghent University
    Faculty/Department: International Relations Office
    First and last name: Annelies Verdoolaege
    Position: Coordinator African Platform AUGent

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    Tags: Decolonisation, Diversity, Webinar