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Student-led education, projects and processes - CEMUS, Green Office and beyond

For the upcoming ENLIGHT Thematic Networks call, deadline June 30, we are looking for teachers, students, pedagogical developers, researchers, admins at any of the other ENLIGHT partner universities interested in developing everything from short pilot projects on active student participation to more in-depth, long-term institutional commitments such as student-led centers similar to CEMUS, the Centre for Environment and Development Studies at Uppsala University, and the Green Office at Ghent University.

  Tags: Climate change, Ecology, Equity

We want to build a thematic network on student-led education, projects and process spanning across all six ENLIGHT focus areas and building on over 30 years of experience of transdisciplinary approaches to sustainability, climate, equity and much more at CEMUS. And we want to build on and learn from your insights and experiences, so that we can create more vibrant, meaningful and qualitative learning spaces, meetings and collaborative processes. The activities in network would be co-created by staff and students, and connect with different local societal actors, with emphasis on the six ENLIGHT focus areas. The coordination of the network would be based in Uppsala, Sweden. During the three years we hope to create a fun and lively network with activities such as student conferences focusing on local sustainability, climate and equity challenges as well as co-creating and developing courses and projects, summer schools and courses with different themes for different years, online research seminars, in-person workshops building on student conferences and developing joint activities, and possibly developing joint courses and bachelor, master programs.

    Practical Details

    Disciplinary field: Sustainability, Student-led, Interdisciplinary
    Funding programme: ENLIGHT Thematic Network
    Institution: Uppsala University
    First and last name: Daniel Mossberg
    Position: Lead outreach coordinator

    Tags: Climate change, Ecology, Equity