Community Challenges

Do you wonder whether discussions on sustainability transitions include discussions on fairness? Can different communities and categories of people respond in the same way to what is required for sustainability transitions? For example, is public transport available for those living in less off areas? Who can afford to shop for quality nutritious food? What is meant by climate justice? Are marginalised people and those who are often ‘left behind’ included in discussions on sustainability transitions or represented in some way at the policy table? How can we measure how different communities' area affected in different ways by the enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies? Interested? Then join us in this postgraduate interdisciplinary summer school, where we will unpack equity and sustainability transitions.

Student housing is at the heart of present and future societal issues. It must meet the generic requirements of sustainable building standards (energy performance, space evolutivity, life cycle, building and maintenance decarbonization, water and energy management, urban densification…), adapt to the evolving educational formats (remote work and classes, hybrid attendance), and anticipate the new ways of living as the transition from student to young professional status lengthens.