Community Challenges

Drawing on the existing capacity in AI, big data and analytics, associated with SFI research centres, there is a clear opportunity to develop a virtual ‘Living Lab’ within the region. As part of a European network, this will enable iterative testing of new ideas across the region, offering a single point of contact to coordinate data research at scale in a living lab. A key enabler at a global level for a living lab as a data testbed is the protections offered by GDPR as the main English speaking country within the EU.

Transportation policy is a very important strand to our work at Galway Chamber.

Galway has prolific transport problems which are linked to the geography of the city, its historical element and lack of attractive options other than the car.

But economically the problem of congestion is very costly for our city and our members therefore it is critical that the chamber works to support local stakeholders in whatever way we can to significantly improve the sustainability and efficiency of the transport network in #OurGalway.

Galway City Council is in the process of adopting a Digital Strategy for the City. This strategy has been created in consultation with a variety of stakeholders in the city including the Insight Centre in NUlG.

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