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This virtual exchange offers students a possibility to strengthen their intercultural academic writing competencies. Students from at least three different universities and study programmes will work in a challenge-based teaching and learning environment, will form intercultural collaborative working and writing groups and will work on one of the ENLIGHT flagship challenges. Students will be presented with manageable challenges and reading materials. Based on their reading, the groups will try to come up with (of course, very small-scale and tentative) solutions for their challenge. In the next step, the groups will decide to write an academic text of their choice. Each group member brings in his*her perspective of the discipline he*she studies to enable a broad interdisciplinary discussion. With this method of collaborative and interdisciplinary teams the project follows the ENLIGHT ambition to empower students to become globally engaged citizens skilled in critical thinking.

Future teachers exchange ideas and experiences through interactive methods and guided discussions on the topic of intercultural competence at school

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