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Mammalian cell transfection and bioprocessing for protein production

Our group is working on development of nucleic acid transport vectors for the transfection of mammalian cells. This has applications in two directions: gene therapy and production of therapeutic proteins in mammalian cells. We have developed unique peptide-based transfection methods that exhibit both high delivery efficacy in mammalian cells and in vivo, and low toxicity. Our unique methods are compatible with industrial cell culture conditions and bioprocessing in cell factories, and achieve efficient transient transfection in CHO and HEK producer cultures. Transient expression in mammalian cells is an important tool for producing recombinant proteins that has various applications for research or pharmaceutical use, allowing fast screening of proteins in intermediate production scale, before proceeding the production in stable producer cells. We are experienced in chemical synthesis and development of transfection reagents (peptide and polymer chemistry), as well as in cell biology (mammalian cell culturing and transfection studies). We are looking for partners who are experienced in mammalian cell bioprocessing and are interested in therapeutic protein production.

  • Activity: research project application
  • Disciplinary field: Biotechnology
  • Institution: University of Tartu
  • Faculty/Department: Institute of Technology
  • First and last name: Kaido Kurrikoff
  • Position: Associate professor
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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