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Education on Ecosystems of Urban green

I am looking for collaborators in education on a proposed course: Adapting to Climate Change: Ecosystem Services of Urban Green Zones

The course aims to explore complexity of ecosystem services provided by urban green areas in relation to well-being of citizens under climate change threats, especially heat waves, that have dramatically intensified in the recent years. It provides a theoretical and science basis of the problem, as well as existing solutions and ways to act for safer cities on an individual level. We intend to study the best worldwide recognized cases of urban trees mapping, ecosystem trees’ inventory, and community engagement (e.g. New York City Street Tree Map), as well as regional (EU), and local (Sweden) cases. We also do some outdoor trial tree inventory near the university campus with i-Tree (USA) modelling tools.

The course is targeting undergraduate students from interdisciplinary domains. Ecosystem services of urban greenery are very diverse and cover such aspects as public health, social inequality, safety, cultural aspects, microclimate formation, air and water quality, climate change mitigation, maintaining biodiversity etc.

  • Activity: research project application
  • Disciplinary field: Biology/Interdisciplinary
  • Deadline: 30 November 2022
  • Institution: Uppsala University
  • Faculty/Department: Faculty of Science and Technology
  • First and last name: Margareta Krabbe
  • Position: Senior Lecturer
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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